Kopke Colheita 1978

599,00 DKK

94 points fra Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate 
“This is a lovely Colheita, gentle, yet complex and very graceful, with a powerful nose in the background, bright acidity and considerable charm. It finishes sweet and richer than the mid-palate initially suggests as it has those concentrated flavors I adore in Colheitas. It gather steam and manages to deliver intensity and concentration while remaining elegant and balanced, with some brandy-laced bursts of acidity dancing around. The good acidity gives it a lively feel, but ultimately what makes this a beauty is the combination of harmony and intensity, as odd as that sounds. There is some tannic pop on the finish at times, too. It covers all the bases, assertive without being obvious. The more I drank this, the more I liked it. At the price, it is a rather nice deal.”
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