Churchill Vintage Port 2011

849,00 DKK

  • 97 point i Wine spectator!95 point, “This was blended from the winery’s old vines, particularly including its Quinta da Gricha (50+ years of age). That Quinta, says the winery, does well in hotter years because of its cooler, Northern exposure, and in 2011 they got a small, concentrated crop. Concentrated it most certainly is, plus it has controlled intensity leading to beautiful balance, one of the most important hallmarks of this beautifully constructed and rather elegant wine. It is aromatic and dry despite its exuberant young fruit, and it continues to become drier with air. It is sensually textured and well controlled in most all respects, always a bit subtle, yet also quite tasty. If the tannins seem refined early on, note that there is power and pop on the finish, which shows more and more as it airs out, detracting a bit from that early impression of sensual balance, but providing welcome evidence that there is more potential lurking underneath. It is, after all, Port, and it is no one-trick pony. The fine acidity slices through it all and leaves a beautiful package, one of the top VPs from Churchill that I’ve seen. It’s not the wine that will make you go “wow,” but it one day will be one that you want to keep drinking. On Day 2, after being held open for an extra 9 hours, it was far more expressive. Complex, crisp and solid, this has a long, happy life ahead. I’m hoping I’m here to see most of it. It should age beautifully and it will undoubtedly have periods of time when it seems to be in an awkward place. Its acidity and its wonderful overall structure will stand it in good stead. This is well balanced enough to be very approachable rather early, perhaps even earlier than my drinking window suggests, but don’t commit infanticide. It will show far better around 2030 or so. Drink 2025-2060.”

    Mad & Bolig: “Årgang 2011 faldt særdeles godt ud i Douro-dalen, hvor druerne til portvin vokser, og mange topproducenter har deklareret en vintage 2011. Churchill’s vintage 2011 har en tæt purpurfarve, en enorm koncentration i næsen af mørk frugt som brombær og kirsebær. Portvinen er stadig uforløst og ung, men potentialet er tydeligt, og strukturen i smagen lægger op til en gemmeport af de helt store, hvilket prisen også afspejler.”

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